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As breast augmentation is carried out under general anaesthetic, there is the risk of anesthesia related complications before the surgeon even begins the breast procedure. However, assuming you use a well regarded clinic, the risk of such complications are increasingly low.

In terms of the actual procedure, the most common breast implant complications include deflation, infection, bleeding, and the possible formation of scar tissue. An increase or decrease in sensitivity of the nipple or breast area can also occur, which in some cases can prove permanent.

Another possible complication of breast enhancement is unsatisfactory results. It's not uncommon for differences in the size and shape of your breasts, to be highlighted by implants. A lack of symmetry can become more noticeable, prompting some patients to request corrective surgery.

With advances in technology, problems with the actual implant are less common than in the recent past. Nevertheless, implants can still leak, burst or move into an undesirable position. Again, further surgery will be required.

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