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Breast asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry surgery is aimed at women who have at least one cup size bigger than the other and therefore oddly shaped breasts. The surgery makes breasts more symmetrical by increasing or decreasing the shape or size of one or both of the breasts to even out appearance. A breast lift is also usually performed to correct sagging.

Breast asymmetry

The procedure
Breast lift surgery is carried out under a general anesthetic and usually takes between 1-4 hours depending on the extent of surgery required The surgeon may use any combination of the techniques used in breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast lift surgery.

After surgery
After breast asymmetry surgery you will usually be able to leave the hospital after one or two days. Breast asymmetry surgery will result in swelling and discomfort for 5-7 days after and you will need to wear a support bra for up to 4-6 weeks. Non-dissolvable stitches will be removed after approximately 10 days. You will be required to take at least two weeks off work and strenuous activity must be avoided for eight weeks.

Risks and side effects
As well as the risk of the general anesthetic, breast asymmetry risks include infection and problems with wound healing. On occasions, fluid or scar tissue can form around the the implant and may require further surgery.

Cost and prices
The price of breast asymmetry surgery can vary significantly depending on the extent of surgery required. The cost will also be largely determined by whether breast implants are used or not.

NHS, private or abroad
Breast asymmetry corrective surgery is a purely cosmetic treatment and therefore is not available on the NHS. The procedure is available procedure at many private cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK and abroad. However, due to the complexity of this surgery a breast asymmetry specialist is recommended.

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Costs and risks of breast asymmetry treatment in the UK

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