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Botox injections are used to ease and smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles that cause them. The procedure has become very popular amongst women who want to look younger or want to delay the ageing process.

Botox advice

The procedure
The noninvasive Botox procedure is usually carried out in approximately 20-30 minutes. The Botox expert injects a small amount of the Botox into the site to be treated. The Botox works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles under the skin. The muscle therefore relaxes and the skin is smoothed causing facial lines to diminish.

After the Botox
After Botox treatment there may be some redness in the treated areas, though this is usually very minor. Patients can usually leave the clinic straight away and return to work the same day. The treatment starts to work after 3 days, but it will take at least a week for the full effect to materialize.

Risks and side effects
There are very few serious risks associated with Botox treatment. However, complications can arise including over-treating the area and causing more muscle paralysis than desirable. Other risks include slight bruising at the injection site, and sometimes headaches or flu-like symptoms.

Cost and prices
The price of a Botox obviously depends on how many treatments you have. In the UK expect to pay from around £250 for one treatment and under £500 for three. Having Botox abroad will probably save you £50 per treatment.

NHS, private or abroad
As you would expect, Botox is not available on the NHS. And because of it's relative low cost, there is little point going abroad to have it done. You can seemingly have Botox carried out on every street corner in the UK but it's advisable to visit a proper cosmetic surgery to ensure satisfactory results.

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