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An arm lift is a cosmetic procedure where excess skin and fat deposits are removed from the upper arms. The skin is pulled tighter to produce a smoother and more rounded appearance. Many women who suffer from bingo wings could benefit from this procedure. However, it's important to try to address this problem by losing weight and exercising more, before opting to go under the knife.

Arm Lift advice

The procedure
During arm lift surgery, incisions will be made along the inner arm. The surgeon will remove any excess skin before tightening the tissue in the arm area. The operation can take up to two hours, and will usually take place under a general anaesthetic. Commonly, the surgeon may recommend that liposuction be carried out to remove the fat and create a smoother appearance.

After arm lift surgery, you will either be required to stay in hospital for one night or you may be allowed to return home the same day. You will need a week off work to rest, and you must avoid lifting heavy objects for six weeks.

Risks and side effects
You will experience temporary pain in your arms but this should disappear after a couple of weeks. Although the scars will be permanent, they will fade significantly over time.

Cost and prices
The price of an arm lift in a UK private clinic can range from £3500 to £5000. Often the surgeon will recommend liposuction to compliment the arm lift procedure which will cost another £1000. If you choose to have arm lift surgery abroad, you can save well over £1500 but with the Pound continuing to fall against many world currencies, these savings are quickly disappearing.

NHS, private or abroad
Arm lift surgery is not possible on the NHS because there is little or no clinical need for the treatment. However, the arm lift procedure is available in many private cosmetic clinics in the UK and abroad.

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