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More and more women in the UK are having cosmetic and plastic surgery. As prices come down and techniques improve, cosmetic surgery becomes increasing attractive and increasing available. But it's still important that you know what you're signing up for. So whether you want a face lift or a tummy tuck, always do your homework to help make an informed decision.


nose job

Chemical peel
How much does a chemical peel cost? Find out about the costs and benefits of this relatively minor aesthetic procedure.

What are the risks of dermabrasion treatment? What to expect from this increasingly popular procedure.

Face lifts
What does a face lift actually involve? Take a look at the techniques used by modern surgeons.

When is a labiaplasty procedure used? Advice on this female cosmetic treatment.

Neck lift
Will I be happy with the results of a neck lift? Find out if a neck lift is the right aesthetic procedure for you.

Tummy tuck
How much are tummy tuck prices in the UK and abroad? The costs and potential risks of this beauty treatment.

Is Ultrashape better than standard liposuction? The advantages and disadvantages of this fat reducing procedure.

Treatment advice

breast implants

Free treatment
Can I have free treatment in the UK? Learn about your options for free aesthetic care.

NHS aesthetic procedures
Is aesthetic surgical treatment available on the NHS? Find out if cosmetic care is offered at your local NHS hospital.

Avoiding bad surgery
What can I do to avoid receiving poor treatment? Find out about risks and how to stay safe.

Finance plans
Do aesthetic clinics offer finance plans? Learn about your payment options for face lifts, nose jobs and tummy tucks.

Costs and prices
How much do common procedures cost? Find out about typical prices to pay for breast implants, liposculpture and dermal fillers.

Find a clinic


Surgeons in Birmingham
Who are the best face lift specialists in Birmingham? A selection of recommended clinics in the Midlands.

Aesthetic clinics in Cornwall
Where should I go for breast enhancement in Cornwall? Your options for breast enlargement and similar techniques in the South West.

Treatment in Edinburgh
Where should I go for treatment in Edinburgh? Recommended plastic surgeons based in the city of Edinburgh.

Procedures in Lancashire
Where can I find recommended aesthetic specialists in Lancashire? A guide to clinics in and around Lancashire.

Procedures abroad


Aesthetic treatment in Cyprus
How much do rhinoplasty or breast implants cost in Cyprus? Learn about prices and standards of medical care in Cyprus.

Cosmetic clinics in India
Where can I find a reputable clinic in India? Advice on what to expect from aesthetic care in India.

Mexican plastic surgery
How much cheaper are prices in Mexico? Find out how much you will need to pay for rhinoplasty, liposculpture and breast enhancement.

Treatment in South Africa
Is medical tourism to South Africa a good idea? Find out about the risks and costs of travelling to South Africa for medical procedures.

Fertility & Pregnancy


Artificial insemination
Learn about the costs, risks and probability of success from this infertility procedure.

Treatment abroad
What you need to know about having fertility treatment overseas.

Gender selection
A guide to the legal and moral aspects of choosing the sex of your baby.

Diet & Weight Loss