Where can I find cheap plastic surgery treatment in the UK, and is it still safe?

Prices of plastic surgery in the UK can vary dramatically from clinic to clinic. Some are ridiculously expensive whereas other are surprisingly cheap.

But does cheap cosmetic surgery mean inferior treatment? In many counties this is the certainly the case. You get what you pay for, and if you go really cheap you are potentially putting your life in the hands of an unskilled surgeon.

However, the situation is somewhat different in the United Kingdom because the industry is so tightly regulated. A cheap UK surgeon may not be as experienced as one who is more expensive, but he should still be fully qualified and perfectly competent.

Not everyone can afford to pop along to Harley Street for treatment. But there are hundreds of more affordable plastic surgery clinics throughout the UK. And like most things in life, the most expensive isn't necessarily the best and the cheapest isn't necessarily the worst.

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