Just how common is celebrity plastic surgery - who's had what and when did they have it?

Some gossip magazines would have you believe that every celebrity splashed across their pages has been under the surgeon's knife. Whilst celebrity plastic surgery isn't quite this widespread, you may just be surprised at how many actors, singers and television personalities have had a little nip and tuck.

The point to remember is that good plastic surgery isn't always noticeable. Of course, it's obvious when a celebrity's bust size increases from a B to an F, but just how many of us would notice if the same celebrity had a little liposuction around her tummy?

For every celebrity who has admitted to having plastic surgery, there's probably ten others who've kept their treatment under wraps. If only plastic surgery clinics' walls could talk!

It's therefore easy to dismiss celebrities as vanity obsessed prima donnas who can't walk past a shop window without looking at their reflection. But it's worth remembering two things. Firstly, in such image focused industries, if you don't look good, you sometimes don't work. And secondly, if they you do choose to look the way nature intended, the media berate you for it; "look at those wrinkles", "flabby arm alert", "put that cellulite away"...

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