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Beauty Tip 21. Get the better of body odour

An average person loses over half a litre of sweat every day. Most of this sweat evaporates into the air without too much fuss but some doesn't.

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When our sweat becomes trapped, for example under our arms, bacteria quickly develops and body odour is produced. We all experience this foul smell from time to time but some women are plagued by the problem.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help combat body odour...

1. Choose your clothes carefully
Tight fitting and synthetic clothes cause more sweat more than normal. So whenever possible try to wear looser fitting, cotton clothes to let your body breathe.

2. Use deodorants and antiperspirants
Anti-per spirants contain aluminum salts which reduce the release of sweat by closing the sweat ducts. Deodorants, on the other hand, contain an antiseptic to combat bacteria. They help reduce odour but don't stop the actual sweating.

3. Keep clean
Taking regular baths or showers and washing your body thoroughly is paramount in the battle against body odour. Remember to give your sweat prone areas extra attention.

4. Avoid hot drinks
Hot drinks increase your body temperature and cause increased perspiration. So if you're worried about your body odour, it's safer to stick to cold drinks.

5. Make use of perfumes.
Perfumes may not address the causes of body odour but they do help you deal with the unpleasant smells when they occur. If you wear a generous amount of fragrance (although don't bathe in it) it disguises any foul smells your body produces. It also gives you the confidence that if you do start to smell, other people won't notice it so much.

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