How can I avoid having bad cosmetic surgery - what steps can I take to lower the risk?

Even the finest surgeon in the world cannot guarantee a procedure will be fully successful. Plastic surgery is not an exact science. Mistakes can be made and complications can arise. Despite everyone's best intentions, bad surgery does happen.

However there are steps you can take to help avoid bad cosmetic surgery. Firstly, choose your clinic or surgeon wisely. Fortunately, most of the groups operating in the UK are highly skilled and experienced. If you choose to have surgery abroad, there is greater risk of falling into the hands of a poor surgeon.

Secondly, be honest with your surgeon during the initial consultation. Don't try to hide aspects of your lifestyle such as smoking or drinking, and always reveal medical conditions or medication you're taking. A surgeon needs to know as much about you as possible to help avoid complications and ultimately bad surgery.

Thirdly, don't be tempted to ask you surgeon to do too much. Bad cosmetic surgery is often a result of a patient demanding that a surgeon reduces the size of their nose by too much or by increasing the size of their breasts by too much.

And finally, follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter. If he tells you to stay in bed for three days, stay in bed for three days. If he instructs you not to talk for 48 hours, don't talk for 48 hours. Your body will be extremely delicate after surgery. Causing it undue stress and aggravation can easily turn what was good plastic surgery into bad plastic surgery.

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