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Beauty Tip 02. Make-up for the eyes

A woman's eyes are arguably the most beautiful part of her face and, as a result, eye make-up is amongst the most effective type of cosmetic you can use.

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The key point to remember about eye make-up is that less is more.

Your eyes are the stars of the show.

The purpose of eye make-up is only to make them shine even brighter.

You should also never forget that the skin around the eyes is very sensitive so be gentle.

Don't drag the skin when applying make-up and take particular care when removing cosmetics from this delicate area.

Another tip is, if your eyes are your best feature, don't create competition for them.

Use a pale, neutral shade of lipstick to prevent your lips grabbing the headlines.

And finally, experiment with eye shadow colour. Mix powder shades on the back of your hand to create unique tones.

The same apples to eyes pencil colours. Apply one on top of another to make a real impact.


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