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Beauty Tip 03. Make-up to combat age

Almost every woman over thirty would love to look younger. It's no wonder that the plastic surgery industry is worth billions of pounds

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However, before you even think about Botox, chemical peels or face-lifts, you should really give make-up an opportunity to show what a difference it can make. There are dozens of useful tips for using make-up to make you look younger, and here are some of the best...

- The golden rule of age defying make-up is less is more. Trying to hide your wrinkles by slapping it on will only make you look even older.

- Avoid lip liner as it can often make thin lips look even thinner.

- Use neutral or warm lipstick colours rather than dark, bold shades which add years to your face

- Choose a concealer that is just a little lighter than your skin tone to give your face a fresher, younger look.

- Curl your eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and more vibrant.

- Use brown or navy eyeliner as black tends to be too harsh for the more mature lady.

- Soft, neutral eye shadow helps open up the eye area and allows your eyes to shine through.

- Use blusher sparingly to avoid appearing desperate to look younger than you are.

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