Just three and a half hours from London by plane, Turkey offers highly skilled plastic surgeons, and a number of excellent private cosmetic clinics. Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular in Turkey, and with prices significantly less than most other European countries, it is also a well established destination for women looking to have plastic surgery abroad.


Costs and Prices
The cost of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is much lower than the prices you will find in the United Kingdom. On average, expect to pay at least 30% less for a procedure in Turkey. For example, a nose job in a private UK cosmetic clinic costs in the region of £4,000, whereas a similar procedure in Turkey costs just over £2,000. A facelift in a UK private hospital would cost at least £5,000 but in Turkey this cosmetic treatment comes with a price tag of just £3,000.

Recommended Clinics
There are numerous reputable cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey, most of which are based in either Izmir or Istanbul. Acibadem Healthcare Group is one of Turkey’s main healthcare institutions, and has been providing first class medical treatment for over eighteen years. Jinemed Hospital in Istanbul provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments for both men and women, and is regarded as one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the country.

Surgeons in Turkey
To become a cosmetic surgeon in Turkey you must first attend medical school to qualify for entrance to the Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Program. A six and a half year residency is then required before students can become a Certified Plastic Surgeon, MD. Plastic surgeons in Turkey must be members of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. If a dentist wishes to perform cosmetic dentistry then he must be a member of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

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