Having plastic surgery in Switzerland
The healthcare system in Switzerland is regarded as one of the finest in Europe. Standards of care and plastic surgery expertise are exceptionally high, and as you would expect, the cosmetic surgery industry is tightly regulated. There are very few destinations as highly recommended for plastic surgery as this landlocked alpine country.


Costs and Prices
Don't expect to find cosmetic surgery bargains in Switzerland. The cost of plastic surgery in this European county is not significantly cheaper than the prices found in the UK. Indeed, in many private clinics in Switzerland, the costs of cosmetic procedures are even higher than those charged by the finest London clinics.

Recommended Clinics
Switzerland offers a huge choice of private cosmetic clinics for medical tourists. Geneva, Zurich, Berne and Basel are home to several world class private hospitals, each offering a full range of plastic surgery treatment. The Clinique Générale-Beaulieu in Geneva is one of the best, with an excellent reputation and boasting no less than seven fully qualified cosmetic surgeons.

Surgeons in Switzerland
Cosmetic surgeons in Switzerland are amongst the most talented in Europe with many having worked or trained in London and New York. Surgeons are accredited through the Federation des Medicins Suisses, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The Swiss medical system is at the forefront of most health issues, and it's therefore no surprise to find such high standards of plastic surgery in this small European country.

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