Millions of us head to Spain for our summer holidays. With warm weather, lovely beaches and friendly people - it's easy to see why. But an ever increasing number of British women are now taking a trip to Spain for cosmetic surgery. With cheap prices, excellent surgeons and terrific aftercare - once again, it's easy to see why.


Costs and Prices
The typical costs of plastic surgery in Spain are now approximately 20% less than the prices you'll find in the UK. The savings available fluctuate in relation to the exchange rates. Unfortunately, at the moment the Pound is struggling against the Euro and therefore the potential savings are slowly decreasing. For example, a nose job in a private UK hospital costs in the region of £4,000. The same procedure in Spain now costs over £3,000.

Recommended Clinics
You will find private cosmetic surgery clinics throughout Spain but the best tend to be located in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Marbella. The Marbella Medical Group comes highly recommended offering high levels of expertise and terrific levels of care. The Barcelona Centre Medic incorporates a number of the most reputable health centres in Barcelona and offers a full range of plastic surgery procedures. The Mills & Mills Medical Group is based in Marbella but offers a free consultation and aftercare in the UK. Cosmetic surgery witht the Mills Group is carried out at one of the finest private hospitals in Marbella.

Surgeons in Spain
Cosmetic surgeons in Spain study for a general medical degree for five years before beginning a learning post at a teaching hospital for a further five years. To practice as a plastic surgeon, doctors must be registered with the Ministry of Education and Science. The Spanish authorities monitor and oversee the private cosmetic industry and help maintain high standards with few sub-standard clinics and surgeons.

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