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South Africa may be a long way to go for a little plastic surgery but it's becoming a popular destination for women in Europe looking to have treatment abroad. Not only does South Africa offer great prices and skilled surgeons, but it's an amazing country to visit. And if you're going to have plastic surgery aboard, why not choose somewhere memorable.

South Africa

Costs and Prices
Cosmetic surgery in South Africa costs on average 30-40% less than the United Kingdom. These fantastic savings include the cost of travel and accommodation. For example, an all-inclusive breast augmentation package in South Africa costs £3,000. Many UK private clinics are now charging £5,000 and above for the same procedure. Not only are you saving money, but you also get a free holiday in a fantastic country.

Recommended Clinics
Cape Town and Johannesburg are home to the best private cosmetic clinics in South Africa. Serokolo, based in Johannesburg, offer a huge range of treatments and health packages. Surgeon and Safari, operating out of Cape Town and Johannesburg, providing a very good service at excellent prices.

Surgeons in South Africa
Cosmetic surgeons in South Africa are highly trained, having studied for up to ten years. Four years of medica school is followed by another four years specialist surgery training, and finally by two years working as an assistant surgeon. The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) oversee all private medical clinics in South Africa and help maintain good standards. Many South African plastic surgeons are members of the General Medical Council in the UK. The South African Medical Association (SAMA) and The Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa (APRSSA) are the two main national bodies in South Africa.

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