Mexico is a popular destination for American women looking to save money on cosmetic surgery. Medical standards are very high and prices are remarkably low. It's no wonder that British women have also started heading to this great country for face lifts, nose jobs and breast implants. Mexico is a wonderful place to visit with bustling cities, ancient settlements and glorious sandy beaches.


Costs and Prices
Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is incredibly affordable. The potential savings can be as high as 80%. For example, a face lift in Mexico costs just £2,000, while in the United Kingdom you wouldn't get much change from £5,000. Similarly, a tummy tuck in the UK will set you back £6,00 pounds but in Mexico you can expect to pay as little as £2,000. And it's worth noting that these prices often include travel and accommodation.

Recommended Clinics
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Surgeons in Mexico
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