Malaysia may seem like an unusual destination for Brits looking to have plastic surgery abroad. However, led by it's modern capital Kuala Lumpur, this Asian country is becoming a popular destination for both medical and regular vacations. English is widely spoken, the health service is excellent, and plastic surgery prices are very attractive.


Costs and Prices
The costs of plastic surgery in Malaysia are approximately 50% lower than the prices you will find in the United Kingdom. For example, breast enlargement costs just £2,500 in Malaysia, compared with £4,000 to £5,000 in the UK. A facelift costs at least £5,000 in the UK, while in Malaysia you will pay no more than £3,000.

There are numerous excellent private cosmetic clinics in Malaysia, any many specialist companies offering plastic surgery abroad packages.

Gorgeous Getaways, based in Kuala Lumpur, offer competitive full service surgery packages at a variety of top private hospitals with many of the finest surgeons in the country. They can also organize your flights and accommodation.

Surgeons in Malaysia
Almost all private cosmetic surgeons working in Malaysia are trained in either the UK, US or Australia. Standards are therefore very high, and often on a par with the level of care available in the United Kingdom.

Cosmetic surgeons in Malaysia must be members of the Malaysian Association of Surgeons and the Malaysian Association of Plastic Surgeons. All private medical centres must be licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

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