Italy is a highly recommended destination for having plastic surgery abroad. The cosmetic surgery industry in Italy is well developed and tightly regulated.

Italy boasts some of the finest medical professionals in the world, many of whom work in the cosmetic surgery sector. The majority of private clinics are of a high standard and prices are very competitive.


Costs and Prices
Despite the recent decline in the Pound against the Euro, it is still cheaper to have plastic surgery in Italy than in the United Kingdom. Most cosmetic surgery in Italy still costs 15-20% less than the UK.

For example, breast augmentation in the UK costs somewhere in the region of £4,000 to £5,000. Breast implants in Italy costs approximately £3,500.


Recommended Clinics
Italy is blessed with some of the finest cosmetic surgery clinics in Europe. Surgeons are highly skilled, and clinics are comfortable and accommodating. Clinica Villa del Sole in Naples is an excellent clinic with 65 beds offering a wide range of plastic surgery.

Equally high quality clinics can be found in Milan, Rome and most other major Italian cities.


Surgeons in Italy
To become a cosmetic surgeon in Italy, six years of medical school is followed by a further three years of study including formal academic assessment and practical training. Cosmetic surgeons in Italy should be registered with the National Association of Doctors.

Membership with the Italian Society of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery is another good indication of quality. The Italian Ministry of Health oversees and assesses all clinics and hospitals in Italy, keeping a close eye on the plastic surgery industry.

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