Like most things in India, the plastic surgery industry has recently enjoyed considerable development and investment. India is fast becoming one of the new major powers in the world, and they now have a medical system to match. There are numerous first class private cosmetic clinics throughout the major Indian cities, each offering high quality care at very attractive prices.


Costs and Prices
The costs of cosmetic surgery in India compare very favourably with those found in the United Kingdom. Most plastic surgery procedures in India cost between 25-30% less than those in the UK. For example, breast augmentation in india costs approximately £3,000 compared to £4,500 in the UK. If you want rhinoplasty in the UK, expect to pay at least £4,00 but in India the same procedure costs no more than £2,500.

Recommended Clinics
The main cosmetic surgery hot spots in India are Bangalore, New Delhi, Calcutta and Hyderabad. There are many private clinics and hospitals in each of these large cities, offering a full range of treatments. However, most UK women seeking to have surgery in India use a medical tourism company who organize everything from flight and accommodation to the actual surgery itself. Euromedical Tours and Surgery Worldwide are two of the most popular, both offering fantastic prices and a reliable service.

Surgeons in India
India has become something of a doctor conveyor belt with some 25,000 new medical professionals qualifying each year. To become a cosmetic surgeon, five and a half years of study is usually followed by a further three years of post graduate study specializing in surgery. Many Indian graduates go on to further study and train in the UK, so standards are very high. All India surgeons must be certified by the Indian Medical Council and registered with the Association of Surgeons of India.

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