Cosmetic surgery in the Netherlands is an attractive option for British women seeking treatment abroad due to its proximity to the UK and the attractive packages available. The major Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are home to many recommended private clinics offering a wide range of cosmetic treatments. However, under Dutch law, all plastic surgery patients must visit the clinic for a consultation before a booking can be made. This means two trips to Holland, which for many British women is neither practical or cost effective.


Costs and Prices
The cost of plastic surgery in Holland in on a par with the majority of developed counties in continental Europe. Potential savings are smaller than those availabe five years ago, but plastic surgery in Holland is still 20% cheaper than in the UK. For example, liposuction costs in the region of £4,000 in the UK but in Holland you can have the same treatment for just over £3,000.

Recommended Clinics
The Netherlands is blessed with numerous excellent private cosmetic surgery clinics. The Velthuis Kliniek, with clinics in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Hilversum specialize in liposuction and nose reshaping. The EMC at Bosch en Duin is an exclusive clinic offering world class care and treatment. And finally, the Medical Centre Rotterdam Airport is a convenient location for a wide range of treatments.

Surgeons in Holland
Dutch plastic surgeons are, on the whole, very good with many having trained or worked in the United Kingdom. The cosmetic industry in Holland is tightly regulated with few inferior clinics and surgeons. However, it's still vitally important to do as much research as you can before making any decisions. Remember, cosmetic surgery is not an exact science. Things can, and often do, go wrong.

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