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The Czech Republic has been an EU member since 2004, and in that time it has established itself as one of the best options for plastic surgery abroad. More and more British women are taking the short flight to Prague for cosmetic treatment at first rate private clinics in this beautiful European city.

Czech Republic

Costs and Prices
The cost of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic is amongst the cheapest in Europe. Savings of up to sixty per cent are not uncommon. For example, a breast enlargement costs just £2,500 in the Czech Republic, as opposed to £5,000 in the UK. A nose job costs under £2,000 in Prague, compared with £5,000 in most British private clinics.

Recommended Clinics
The majority of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Czech Republic can be found in Prague. Many companies offer Czech Republic plastic surgery packages for women wishing to have treatment abroad. Beautiful Beings, based in Prague, has an excellent reputation for skilled surgeons, good after-care and affordable prices.

Surgeons in the Czech Republic
The cosmetic surgery industry in the Czech Republic is tightly controlled by the Czech Ministry of Health. To become a plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic, you must study for six years at a medical faculty, and then practice medicine in a hospital as an assistant physician. Postgraduate medical study is then required in order to work as a plastic surgeon. The main professional body is the Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAS). Only the finest surgeons receive certification by the CSAS, and such an award is a good sign of quality.

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