The beautiful holiday island of Cyprus is developing a good reputation for private cosmetic surgery and dental treatment. In the main towns of Pafos, Limassol and the capital Nikosia, you will find many first class plastic surgery clinics offering a reliable service at attractive prices. A little cosmetic surgery followed by a period of relaxation in the Cypriot sunshine - sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


Costs and Prices
Cosmetic surgery prices are very competitive in Cyprus. Cosmetic procedures cost on average 30% less than in the United Kingdom. For example, rhinoplasty in a private UK hospital would cost at least £3,500. In Cyprus, this same procedure costs approximately £2,000. In the UK, breast implants cost £4,000 to £5,000, but in Cyprus prices very rarely exceed £3,500.

Recommended Clinics
There are over a dozen private cosmetic surgery clinics in Cyprus, and many companies offering plastic surgery packages for women looking to have treatment abroad. Three of the finest are Cosmedicare4u, Cyprus Sun Med Connections and 2BBeautiful. Another recommended company is Picture Perfect, based in Limassol, who specialize in tailor made packages for Brits seeking plastic surgery in Cyrus.

Surgeons in Cyprus
The vast majority of certified doctors and surgeons in Cyprus are trained either in the UK or the US. This ensures that most plastic surgeons in Cyprus are highly skilled with, at the very least, a good grasp of English. The Cyprus Ministry of Health oversees the clinics and hospitals operating in Cyprus, and help keep standards high. Notable cosmetic surgery professional bodies in Cyprus include the Cyprus Society of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery and the Greek Society of Plastic Surgery.

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