Brazil may seem like a long way to go for plastic surgery, but an increasing number of Brits are choosing this South American hot spot for a little nip and tuck. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is establishing itself as one of the new breed of powerful nations. Investment and development has produced a healthy cosmetic surgery industry offering world class service at terrific prices.


Costs and Prices
The cost of plastic surgery in Brazil is substantially cheaper than the United Kingdom. Brazilian surgery costs approximately 45% less than the prices you'll find in Britain. For example, in Brazil you can expect to pay less than £2,000 for rhinoplasty compared with between £4,000 in the UK.

Recommended Clinics
There are many excellent private cosmetic clinics in Brazil, each offering a superb medical service. Revitalise, based in Recife, is a British company offering a range of cosmetic surgery procedures at terrific prices. Another reptuable company is Cosmetic Vacations who carry out all types of cosmetic surgery procedures in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. They can also help organize your travel and accommodation.

Surgeons in Brazil
Plastic surgeons in Brazil are required to study for six years at medical school, followed by two years in general surgery, and finally by a further three years in the field of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons in Brazil are amongst the best in South America, and every bit as competent to their British and American counterparts. The Brazilian Ministry of Health oversees all clinics and hospitals. Plastic surgeons should be members of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), which is the second biggest plastic surgery society in the world.

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