Belgium has long been a popular destination for having cosmetic surgery abroad. The Belgian healthcare system and the doctors working within it are amongst the finest in Europe. But with the development of the Eurostar, the number of Brits choosing the have cosmetic surgery in Belgium has greatly increased. A fast, hassle-free train connection is, for most people, so much more comfortable than the trials and tribulations of air travel.


Costs and Prices
Prices for plastic surgery in Belgium are still considerably lower than those in the UK. Savings of several thousand of pounds can be made even when you factor in the travel costs. For example, liposuction costs on average £5,000 in the UK, whereas in Belgium prices start at just £2,500.

Recommended Clinics
There are many reputable cosmetic surgery clinics in Belgium. Direct Healthcare International offers first class surgical treatment with excellent aftercare. Clinic BeauCare is a cosmetic surgery practice in Brussels and one of the most respected private clinics in Belgium. And finally, the The Elyzea Clinic, also in Brussels, is a well-known plastic surgery practice with an excellent reputation established over the last fifteen years.

Surgeons in Belgium
Becoming a plastic surgeon in Belgium takes twelve years of study, with seven years at medical school and five years in the specialist field. This level of training is amongst the highest in the world, and indeed more than that required in the UK. Belgian cosmetic surgeons are therefore extremely professional and very good at what they do. The Belgian authorities keep tight controls over the private medical industry. The main national bodies are the Belgian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and the Belgian Association for Surgeons.

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