Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery



Thousands of women have liposuction in the UK each year. But what does the procedure actually involve, how much does it cost, and what can go wrong?

Plastic surgery
beauty tips

Make-up tips

Just a few simple make-up tips can make you look and feel like a new woman. From eyebrows to lipstick, a little advice can really make all the difference...

Beauty & Makeup
Tooth advice

Dental veneers

We all want that perfect Hollywood smile, and with the latest dental veneers you can get it! But which veneers are best, and are there risks involved?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Fertility & Pregnancy


Artificial insemination
Learn about the costs, risks and probability of success from this infertility procedure.

Treatment abroad
What you need to know about having fertility treatment overseas.

Gender selection
A guide to the legal and moral aspects of choosing the sex of your baby.

Diet & Weight Loss

Health & Well Being

Anxiety advice


The stress and pressures of modern life continue to grow so it's hardly surprisingly that most of us get anxious from time to time. However, an increasing number of people, from children to the elderly, are suffering from more severe forms of anxiety.

Take a look at a guide to causes, symptoms, and treatment of the condition.

health questions

Health questions

What could be more important than your health? Yet so many of us know so little about medicine and illness. A basic knowledge of conditions such as chlamydia and skin cancer can help you to identity symptoms early, thereby increasing the chances of successful treatment.

Take a look at some commonly asked health questions.

private health

Private healthcare

Private medical treatment is increasingly popular, despite the costs involved. It's by no means an alternative to the NHS, but in some instances it can arguably provide patients with a greater level of care and attention.

Find out about treatment prices, healthcare quotes, and what to expect from a private health check.

medical tourism

Treatment abroad

More and more British women are travelling abroad for medical treatment. The cost of healthcare is considerably cheaper in dozens of countries from South Africa to Tunisia.

Whether you're interested in IVF treatment or weightloss surgery, medical tourism could save you a fortune.

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